Review Policy

Thank You for visiting this site.

The items in the styling trends are either bought by me or are review copies given to me by designers. There can be items from the events as well.

If you want me to blog your item, please send me a review copy with all the details to debbyom Resident in world.

As the maximum number of groups that one can join is 42, I may or may not have a group space left. But, I will certainly join your subscriber list.

I believe that “All work is Hard work”, hence, if your outfit fits my personal taste then I will surely review your items.

Please note that while styling, I mix and match with creations of other designers and sometimes change the wind light settings with a few tweaks in picture editing software.

After the reviews have been posted on site, I would share it in all the social media. Please look into the page “Connect with me” to be updated on all the social networking sites I use regularly.


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